Fore-play at the Garage

“Newcy, Cool Thai gets inseminated”

Her client pulled Vanta into a parking garage of a small house with restaurants and shops – too small to call it a shopping mall. Behind a large car he started to kiss her face and neck. His hand directly went under the short dress and herby lifted it slightly up. His fingers went directly into her panties.

My wife moaned and his eyes were eating her. I looked around and tried to figure out if someone else could watch them. Thereby I took great care that the camera was continuing filming them. His hand played with her vagina, but nothing could be seen as everything happened behind her panties.

Then she gained control about herself, opened her eyes and looked down to his hand. She smiled childishly as if it would be a funny joke what he was doing. This took aways much of his excitement and he pulled out his hand. “O.K. lets go to the hotel and fuck” he said a bit hurt to her.

At his hotel room I could film everything- the entire sex. As soon they reached his room, his hand went again under her dress and into her panty, to continue playing with her pussy. This time my wife just let him do as she knew that now the private part started, where he could do whatever he wanted anyway.

She moaned and after he pulled out his hand again, he raised the middle finger of his hand to his mouth to suck him. I guessed that her pussy juice was on the finger. He used his other hand to apply pressure on her shoulders, demanding her to knee down. Vanta followed and without a word of him, she started to open his trousers, once she kneed in front of him. His erected penis disappeared in her mouth and the action started.

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