Bar Fine with Camera

“Chinese Selfie Sex. Click here!!!”

The movies my wife made with her clients at their room had often a special kind of erotica. Even we saw the same woman fucked, Vanta succeeded to to get very different touches to many of the movies she made with her clients. This was because every different man did things in a different way with her. Of course the positions were mainly the same, however still each movie was different depending of the man my wife was with.

Another reason was that Vanta managed to get dressed in very different styles and in each dress she also seem to develop a different personality. Together with changing dresses and changing partners the movies she made kept surprisingly a very unique character and therefore many of those movies got very successful at our bar.

Men wanted to see what other men did with her and they were also proud to record themselves with my wife to show it to other men. Hereby those movies my wife did in the rooms of her clients were mainly done with sex tourists. It simply was easier for them to pay the bar fine for my wife as every tourist had his own hotel room where he wanted to bring a woman to anyway.

Many of my friends who lived in Pattaya and were so-called expats or maybe better sexpats as we ironically called them, had a wife at home or were living a bit far away from our bar. So they could not easily bring Vanta to their room. In contrast most of the sex tourists who were coming to our bar were anyway living in our hotel. So it was extremely convenient to bring her to their room to be more private.

Hereby it was very popular to first bring my wife out to a restaurant or to a discotheque. Vanta loved to go out anyway and therefore did everything to convince her clients to go ahead this way. Also she was a great tour guy for Pattaya and could show tourist the best places of the city.

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