I met Vanta for dinner

“Aurora likes ricking cock. Click here to see her pics”

To cut a long story short, Fred the stylist, introduced me to the model next to him. She was 18 years old and called Vanta. Yes, Vanta like the soft drink, only with a “V” instead of an “F”. After some more meaningless small talk, I arranged to meet Vanta in the evening, in front of the shopping mall. Proud about myself, having arranged some fruitful looking opportunities just by having coffee, I left the strange couple.

Later that night, Vanta and I met in front of the mall. It was already dark and I was sitting on the stairs. A prostitute was next to me and offered her services. Of course, she was looking to me in hope I that I would pick her up. From time to time, she came to me, sat next to me, massaged my legs and was touching my penis, in hope I get hard. Vanta let me wait 20 minutes, so by the time she arrived, I already had a hard dick and I already decided that in case Vanta didn’t show up, I will take the bitch home with me.

I took her to my hotel for 50 US$

The date with Vanta turned out to be great. She didn’t talk much. I think she didn’t what I told her very much. But after a simple dinner at an inexpensive restaurant, she agreed to come to my hotel for 50 US$.  We immediately started kissing and were going to lay down at the bed. I absolutely enjoyed kissing her body. She had an absolutely amazing body – very skinny and a great butt. Her skinny butt was the size of my hand. Great! On the other side of her butt, was a very small pussy. I could just get 2 fingers inside her. Later on, it turned out to be very difficult to get my penis inside her pussy. The even greater problem I faced, was once my penis was into her, I came very quickly.

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