Vanta went out with a Client

“Japanese Pornstar Miyabi Facialled”

First the bar fine was entirely done without camera. Until one client wanted me to join them and record the couple how they went out for dinner. I did it and also thought this could be a great movie.

We started by filming how he paid out my wife in my apartment. How he took the money out of his trouser and threw it on the couch table. He said that she would come home late this night. Vanta changed to an evening dress and together they left hand in hand, our room, our hotel and walked through a dark Pattaya night.

The dress of my wife was so short that it was impossible not to regard her as hooker. Once she sat down in a simple restaurant her panties could be easily filmed under the table. The dress was simply too short. The couple was sitting next to each other and both perfectly ignored me while they were watching the people passing by on the road.

His hand slit over her legs and again I let my small camera film what happened under the table. Vanta’s eyes closed as she was getting excited by the man’s hand and once she opened her mouth I knew that his hand reached her vagina. What his hand was doing to her, I couldn’t see. I had to wait until I could watch the recording.

Suddenly the menus were thrown on our table and all of us startled. I filmed them how they ordered food. They ate, he paid and then they went looking around at the market. By walking behind them walking up a stairways, I recognised that I could easily spot my wives white underwear shinning under her dress.

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