It took an hour till I found Malee

“Rose is getting ready to get her pussy filled by sex tourist”

So I went again to the Beach Promenade and thought I might be successful there. I found Malee after I walked up and down the Beach Road for an hour. All the ladies there want to get fucked for cash, but it was hard to find one that makes nude pictures.

Some preferred to make pictures without her face, but I wanted to have them with face just like the pictures I downloaded from the internet. But finally I found her. Actually Malee hardly spoke English, so her girlfriend negotiated the deal with me. It was cheap, about 25US$, but that’s the way I liked it! Malee went with me to an hourly hotel that was close by. There I started to shoot. First I shot her with her cloth on, then she stripped and I continued making pictures of her underwear. She hazarded to take off her underwear, so I could shoot her pussy. She was not sure if that was really part of the deal. I don’t know what her girl friend told her, but I insisted that this was part of the deal.

For me, it was clearly included. So she gave in and lifted her underwear. I shot her naked form several positions and it was really great. I got so excited. I felt in love shooting nude pictures from the very first second of our session. I was so excited that I didn’t even fuck her. It was not part of the deal, as I negotiated with her girlfriend only to make the nude pictures. She asked if I want more, before she put on her cloth again. But I didn’t feel like fucking her at that moment. I say at that moment, because later on I heavily regretted it. But that night, I just wanted to go home to my hotel and masturbate on the pictures I made. Same like during the day, but this time on my own personal pictures, just like a little boy who got a new toy and is eager to go home and play with it.

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