My Favourite TrikePatrol Girls: Charice Waring

Check out Charice’s cool body here!

I love Charice’s sexy slim body and how the black dress is covering it. The dress is short enough to show her sexy legs. She is a super hot Filipina chick and she does porn for TrikePatrol. It excites me seeing her entering the hotel room of her client and immidiatly starting posing for him.

She is playing cool and tries to show no emotions as if she sells sex every day, which she probably does. Also when her client touches her breasts she stays cool, even some kind of nervousness can be seen. She sucks with a lot of routine and it becomes certain that she does that a lot. Her tongue takes care of her client’s asshole and it looks like she is an expert there as well.

Also when she gets fucked she doesn’t show any emotions. In the same way her pussy was most likely used by many dicks. Some men don’t like that, but I do. She is a great sex worker who also does porn. She brings fun and joy to men like us.

I watch her riding and it reminds me of massages. She massages the man’s dick with her pussy. She is such a cool chick. Her pussy by the way is beautiful and her body so sexy. It looks great in any position. I like Asian Cowgirl and Doggy Style best.

Her ass looks great and even once his dick is in her asshole, she doesn’t shows emotions too. This chick just can take everything. How great is this? It seems each of her holes is highly frequented. I love such bitches and trained also my wife in this way. Finally he shoots he cum into her pussy. What a fuck!


By the way, the video was recorded by Trike Patrol in 2012. This proofs that this porn site is great to preserve the beauty of such girls. Who knows how she looks years later? It is just natural to get old. But for us she will always be as beautiful as in 2012.

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