“Watch Anna sucking a dick and getting a cum facial”

The Beach Promenade

As soon it got dark, the Beach Promenade slowly gets filled with women. They are just standing there, but it is clear that they are offering cash for sex. So when I arrived at the Beach Promenade after the go-go bars, the road was already amazing – so many beautiful girls. They were all hookers and waited to get picked up for sex. I started to ask for the price and came to know that it was damn cheap. Between 15-20 bucks for a fuck. For 2 times fuck, they wanted 25 -30$.

I went to a beautiful girl. I asked what her name was. She said Bait. We talked about the price and she asked for 700 Bahrt, that is about 20 bucks. I thought, that was expensive, as I had met cheaper girls. However, she didn’t wanted to go down, so I offered 1000 Bahrt for 2 times. That’s about 25 bucks. She agreed and joined me to my hotel. At first, they didn’t wanted to let her pass, but then we realized that she just had to give her ID to reception for security reasons. Actually that was meant to protect me. After we arrived at my room, we took a few pictures, but she refused to do nude or porn. Actually, I asked her already at the beach, but she didn’t change her mind.

Then she took a shower and I got ready. I was so hard already. Once she was laying on the bed, I tasted her tits, belly and legs – I like that. By licking her body, my hard dick touched her pussy and I could not wait any longer, so I put on a condom and fucked her missionary style. She just closed her eyes and let it happen. I wanted doggy, my favorite position. So I backed off and showed her what I wanted. Fucking her doggy was great. She had a beautiful ass and a nice asshole. Watching her asshole, I was coming. Great ass! Great pussy! Great fuck! I felt like a king. I knew a second term was coming and I knew this time will be longer, we went for a shower. Once out of the bed, we talked a little bit and I asked her to give me a massage. After a view minutes, I felt my dick waking up again, so I asked her to blow me. I still put on a condom, because in Pattaya, it is better to play safe. There was a big mirror in my room. I stood in front of it and asked her to kneel there. She did what I asked her to do.

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