Sex Shows – Kitchen Table

“This MILF is so super hot. Watch her in action!”

One day my friend wanted to show off in front of his friends. William did everything to promote our bar among his friends, the expat community in Pattaya and tourists. In return Vanta let him use her. Vanta and he had sex before and actually William had sex with Vanta before I did.

However, since he got financial issues without a job he seriously used the bar to make some money. Initially he helped Vanta to built up the bar and went shopping for drinks and equipment, then he arranged regular blow job trainings with her, which were a combination of Vanta’s reward toward him and a serious training, where he told her which kind of oral stimulation is best for him.

Once the bar was running and we had regularly a full house he introduced live sex shows to give our visitors another voyeur sensation. Therefore he pulled the small kitchen table next to the TV, so it could be seen easily from the couch area and then he fucked one of the girls. It started with my wife as at the beginning it was only her who worked at our bar. Later, when also other girls worked at my bar, they also got their turn.

The kitchen table was great as it was a little bit higher and therefore served perfectly as a little stage to present the show. Theoretically all kind of positions were possible however the best was kind of missionary, where my wife laid down on her back on the table, while William fucked her standing in front of the table. Also good was from behind where she bended over the table so William could enter her from behind. Nevertheless the best of the best was when William laid down on the table on his back and Vanta was riding him Asian Cowgirl like. In this way Vanta’s body could be seen best and the room went fully quiet.

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