Sex Shows – Marathon Masturbators

“I love Chinese women like Bent! So sexy…”

Such shows were also a great stimulation for the increasing number of marathon masturbators who visited us in the afternoon. As those were the quiet hours it was possible to close down the bar for 1-2 hours in which someone could visit us and watch my porn collection while he masturbated. Normally my wife made some extra cash by wearing certain cloth that tuned them on, stripping for them, posing for them, getting touched by them, massaging them and later we introduced fuck shows to them.

What started with a desperate Pattaya expat, who was not allowed by his wife to masturbate at home  and therefore asked me one day if he could do this in our apartment, developed into a great business. Men paid to be 1-2 hours alone with our videos and they kept spending on extras. For example, when I fucked my wife I got paid for it. I found that to be great. I was tipped to have sex with my wife, so that some other guys could jerk off on us. What could be better than that?

We did it often on the kitchen table, however for our viewer all kind of places were great. We learned that this was also a great way to get to know the phantasies of our viewers and asked them what they wanted to see. While this was individually different, we had different results once the recording of our shows started.

This was normally done in such a way that our visitor told us what we should do and they also filmed us doing it. At least they positioned the camera to record what they wanted to be recorded, while they jerked off. Some viewers even wanted to be recorded as well while they watched us and masturbated.

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