Our Special Family Photo Album

“That chick is super hot! I wished it would have been my dick inside her…”

Porn photo shoots are a lot of fun and in this way we made thousands of pictures with dozens of men. I love to watch those images and masturbate. They are somehow very personal to me. As I love my wife it is great that she is as well my favourite porn star for me. Especially as I was present when the images were made, so I am part of them as well.

My wife looks so beautiful in these pictures and her body is so hot. She is so sexy and I am so proud to have such a hot wife. Seeing her with another man and realising how hard and horny he gets being with my wife, just confirms to me how hot she is. Many men would get angry when they would see such images of their wife. But I like to see Vanta having fun with her clients and we both know that her beauty will go away step by step.

Of course she might be always beautiful in a way. But never as she is in that age. So it is fully natural that men want to pose next to her. They want to see them with that hot chick. They want to see how this hot chick has their dick inside her mouth or inside her pussy.

Those pictures we made with our friends are a special family album. Not one where people stupidly smile, but one that shows the people, our friends and us as we are. We love to live, we love to party, we love joy and excitement. We are there for our friends and take them as they really are. They might be crazy, odd, lonely, old, ugly fat or whatever else, but we don’t mind. We understand them and we share our life with them.

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