Erotic Photo Shooting

“I am sure Nuna would be a great housewife. I think she is?”

A Western tourist for example returned to our bar  after he learned what kind of services my wife provides. He asked me to make photographies with him and her. I did as he requested and so I shot them. They were standing hand in hand in the room. He was an older white guy and she a young Thai woman. He was wearing t-shirt and jeans and my wife started with a very short skirt, a g-string and a belly free top. She looked very sexy as the g-string was visible as its strings were pulled above the skirt and also as the skirt was made out of a very thin material so it was possible to look through.

Her outfit made clear that she was available. Being photographed with slutty Vanta excited the man and a bump developed in his jeans. Vanta soon was realising his erection and slid over his bump with her hand. I shot this scene. He opened his fly and a white erected penis appeared. Again I made a picture which looked very cool. Sexy Vanta was standing hand in hand with an old white man who’s erected penis was standing out of his trousers. The scene looked very erotical and I continued making photos while his head went to my wives underwear. He touched her pussy, licked her body and kissed her tits. At every image  his penis could be seen and this tells the viewer a lot about how he felt about my wife. The shooting ended with Vanta kneeing in front of him and sucking his dick.

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