The for-play – Making photos of my wife

“If you like big tits Lady, you will love Muei!”

Making photos of my wife was one of the most intensives foreplays for our guests. On one of these images my wife was sitting on the bed. She was only wearing stockings and a very short skirt which was already pushed up so her vagina could be seen.  She opened it with the forefinger and middle finger of her left hand. Such photos were already the end of the foreplay and I could already see in one of the following images how she sucked our guest on the couch.

My wife posed for the guests and let him take pictures of her. For a small tip she then let go of her trousers, t-shirt or whatever else she was wearing. That always depended, as Vanta always appeared differently at our apartment. Sometimes she wear trousers, but sometimes she wear only pantries, and sometimes she was already naked. It didn’t matter, as the photo shootings started with whatever cloth she was wearing and normally ended in shooting her naked.

While many man hesitated  to show their faces in our homemade photos and videos, some explicitly wanted to be seen. They knew that I will never publish this material and only show it in the privacy of our home. They were fascinated by seeing themselves next to sexy Vanta and they were electrolysed by the idea that future guests would watch them. Some likeed the idea to be part of our blow job bar and show that they were here. Others wanted to show off and others wanted to leave a memory.

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