My Friends Like a Private Atmosphere

“Do you like threesomes? Here you go!”

Those people became my friends. Mongers who were living in Pattaya and sex tourists who were living in the hotel where my studio apartment was located in. Those tourists found our bar by free beer ads that my friend William distributed and those who met my girlfriend at the pool, lobby or restaurant, where she tried to pick up new customers.

Especially among the expats our bar became really famous. They love to visit me, have some private chat with me about sex, Pattaya and other topics. We talk, drink beer and watch my privately taken porn movies. They can see, my girlfriend, me, other girls and many more mongers fucking and once they get excited they get sucked off by my girlfriend.

The atmosphere is very friendly and private and most of our visitors like the fact that Vanta sells sex to them. I don’t think that I would have more than 10 % of my visitors if my girl friend wouldn’t try to suck or  fuck them for cash. Maybe more than the sex tourists, the expats that are living in Pattaya, like the fact that they visit a friend and fuck his girlfriend.

I think that most of them don’t like other couples as they consider them as boring. Either they are married by themselves and their marriage got boring, or they want to stay alone as they don’t want to have a relationship. However the relationship Vanta and I have excites them.

They want to chat with the guy and fuck his lady. This combination made many of them come again and again. Even the porn videos I make and show them are so attractive to them, but yet they are not creating the deep relationship and friendships to our visitors.

The relationship to a man changes after he had sex with my girlfriend. Often they start with a blow job at our bar. Normally men don’t talk to me a lot before they had sex with Vanta, but once they got sucked by her, they open up to me. I receive e.g. compliments about my beautiful girlfriend and that she can suck really well.



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