The for-play – Digital Camera

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

My digital camera was always ready on the table, waiting for a visitor to ask if he could also make pictures with my wife. Our visitors saw the nude, blow job and fucking  images or videos on our TV, while they were sitting on our couch and enjoyed their beer.

Many of our clients had erotic fantasies about the camera. This started already by shooting pictures of my wife when she was wearing clothes. But it definitely didn’t stop there. As many men are used to jerk off on nude images or movies they wanted to try that out.

For Vanta it was a great door opener to her clients. There was not much small talk needed, once a guest saw the camera. Also many guested were electrolysed about the camera. As soon they saw her and realised it was O.K. to make all kind of pictures with it, they couldn’t lay it down again.

Often they figured out by themselves that it was OK to make photos of my wife. They understood that the images and videos they saw were also done by clients sitting on the same couch and recording with the same digital camera. The camera was easy to use and could make images and videos in high quality. However if they didn’t realised what the camera was there for, or if they were too shy to ask, my wife or I would explain it to them.

We also explained to them that they couldn’t bring the pictures with them. That whatever material they produced has to stay at the bar. Still the digital camera was a great toy and our guests loved it.

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