Do You Like More or Less Control?

“If you like meat, you will love her!”

A world full of bars and  discotheques packed with freelancer girls. This could be all kind of women, professional or part time hookers, who want to make some extra money. Here the same procedure applies like at the beer bars, but you don’t have the bar that controls the girls.

So in case if your freelance woman is steeling from you, you don’t have anybody to complain to. If you bar fine her from a bar, you can. So men can choose between a more controlled environments or more free, depending on what kind of adventure they like.

For a very controlled experience they can visit a massage pearl where sex is part of the massage. Everything is following a certain procedure that defines how the women will massage you and also how they fuck you. Some of these spas are really popular for there programs and thousands of men experience the same procedure.

If you like a fully uncontrolled experience you can pick up a freelancer from the bar or from the street. At night Pattaya is crowded with hookers who stand at the Walking Street or at the Beach Promenade. All waiting to get picked up by a man.

So far I only descried the bar scene of Pattaya in a nutshell. Actually there are thousands of bars waitings for the tourists. Each of the bars might be a bit different and all together there is a huge variety of bars. So I can’t say what all the mongers of Pattaya see as their phantasies or what drives them to this place. But I can speak about our own blow job bar that my wife was running from my apartment. Our guests loved the friendly atmosphere as our bar was a very small bar  which was not run publicly and was only open for a few people.

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