Playing with my wife’s body

“I just love this upskirt pic. Click here to see her taking a dick.”

As most of our guests enjoyed their beer sitting on our couch and watched our porn images and videos, Vanta just sat down next to them join them on the couch. The man got more exited once my wife sat next to him.

It might be that they saw her on TV sucking and fucking, so it was predictable that they could have sex with her too. Once my wife sat down next to them the clock was ticking and it was obvious that soon something was going to happen. It was not needed to talk a lot about it. His hand just went on one of Vanta’s legs and slides over it.

Her top was removed so he could play with her tits, or the hand slides between her legs to her vagina. They played with her pussy while she still was wearing a short and they continued playing with her once the short was removed as well or they simply slides their hand below Vanta’s short. From this position it was easy for Vanta to return his action and play with his penis and after jerking him for a while, bend over to him and suck him. This for-play often happened fully natural and only few words had to be exchanged.


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