How to turn a South East Asian Woman into a LBFM?

“Kitti has such a beautiful body. I love to see her getting fucked.”

1.Keep things secrete

What ever you do, do it as secretly as possible. You have to understand that in Asia everything is about keeping face. It is more important then everything else. It is not difficult to buy sex from a woman, and she has no problem to sell it to you, but know body should know it. Under no instances should her family and husband find out about it.

This means it is O.K. to sell sex as long it is kept secretly. Most husbands assume that their wives sell sex from time to time. Maybe not the naive and stupid ones, but most of the realistic men know that. They live with it as their wives also don’t mind that they buy sex from other women as long it is made secretly. So somehow it is fair.


2. Talk to South East Asian Women

You don’t have to be special or the coolest guy. Just have some small talk with those chicks. Prefer to talk to them alone. So in locations where neither her family or friends are present. If she knows other people can see you she will tend to be more shy to save her face.


3. Show her that you are financially potent

It is like in the movie Inception, where a team of business men tried to insert a certain business idea in the mind of their competitor. In the case of inception they tried to insert the idea that their competitor should split up his company. In the game with LBFMs, you have to implement the idea in the mind of the Asian woman that you can help her financially. This can mean different things for different women and this is what you have to find out to develop her into a LBFM.


4. Going Out

It can be that she likes to go out for lunch. One of my friends is dating women for lunch. They are often board as their husband is at work. Also married couples often stay at home and don’t go out so often. However women miss to go out and even more to get invited. It is something different if they pay for their lunch or get invited. Such lunches are great to show that you have money and are willing to spend it for beautiful women.


5. Does she need money for her family

All women from South East Asia are very closely connected to their families at home. As those families are often poor, they always need money. Many students and wives don’t mind to sell sex if they can help out their loved ones at home. That is why you hear so often in Asia that a woman is prostituting herself to support her family. This is really often the case. You can help her brother buy a new motorbike if she is your bitch for  while.


6. Borrowing money to them

Many ladies from the region can’t handle money. They simple don’t save money so when a higher payment is due they need someone to borrow money from. You and your friends can be those people. A friend of mine does this regularly with women from South Easy Asia. He told me independently if they are student or a wife, they alway need to borrow money. So he borrows some money to them and usually they fail to pay it back as promised.

He told me “if they don’t pay me back at the promised date they are mine.” He simply meets with them in person and reminds them about their debts. When they get embarrassed about not being able to pay back the money, he tells them how beautiful they are and starts to touch them. 10 to 15 minutes in his car and the debt is paid back. He says 80% of the women who can’t pay him back in time, do whatever he wants.

“Just don’t make a big thing out of it” he advised me. “I touch them wherever I want. They suck me and I fuck them. Once I am done they leave my car and we are good. Most of them call me soon to borrow again money. “

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