The Perfect Unperfected World

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

A world where a daughter can fuck for cash once she is legally old enough and where the wife can sell sex herself and where her husband can buy it from other women, who are naturally the daughters of another man.

Such places are needed all over the world. But in recent times, especially after the Vietnam War, South East Asia and herby especially Thailand and the Philippines became most attractive for mongers. Those countries learned how to life and how to profit from the sex trade. It is here where mongers can find their adventures and try to fulfil their sexual phantasies. Even prostitution is called the oldest business in the world, this phenomena of sex tourism is new. As new as Pattaya is.

There are many different ways how men want to fulfil their sexual fantasies and for most of them there is a place in Pattaya. At beer bars men can get their favour drinks and get approached by women. This is something that most men highly appreciate.

It is not up to them to approach women and seduce them for sex. Men love to be seduced and they love to decide yes or no, if they like to spend the night with this women. That is very different than the situation they face in their home countries, where they have to beg for sex.

Here it is normal to have sex. Men just have to decide with whom they want to have sex. So they go from beer bar to beer bar until they find a girl they like. Then they bar fine her and bring her to their hotel to have sex. Same is possible for go-go bars where they can watch the women dancing and then decide which girl they want to bring home. Both kinds of bars are controlled by the bar itself and if you got a problem with your girl you can complain at the bar.

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