What are the Top 5 reasons why South East Asian Women can be easily turned into LBFMs?

“Kip is great performer!”

1.Lack of Discipline.

Talking about countries like Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and other counties you have to understand that the mentalities are very different from Western Countries. People in general are more living the day and don’t worry so much about tomorrow. So it is normal that a woman doesn’t think about the consequences of her action. This weakness is also accepted in those countries.

2. Less Education

In South East Asia people and especially women are less educated and therefore have less possibilities to earn a good income. Sex business is regarded as a high income job for women and all women know that.


3. Poverty

South East Asian counties are poorer then other counties. So people always are looking for ways to make money. As said in point 2, all women know that if they need a lot of money fast the can sell sex. So what to do when you urgently need money?


4. Culture

The culture in South East Asia is producing submissive women, who love to serve a man and also it is producing men who love to have plenty of women. Especially if a man has money it is normal for him to have sex with hundreds of women.


5. Everything has its price.

Most of the counties in South East Asia are very free and so everything is traded. Somehow everything has a price. I know men who tell me that every women in Thailand can be bought. I don’t know if that is true, but I realised that most women are open to sell sex. However you also shouldn’t forget:”No Money, No Honey”. LBFMs are not about finding a woman that is attracted to you and wants to sleep with you for free. LBFM is about finding the price of woman for which she is willing to sleep with you. This price can be high. So you need to be prepared that money talks in this game and not your nice character.

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