Vanta was Hunting Cum

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

By watching my own porn movie I still can remember how I felt. It was great sliding my penis into this beautiful body and getting watched. I knew all eyes were on Vanta as she was the star. Nevertheless it was my dick that was inside the star and made her moan full of joy.

I was full of beautiful sexual energy which finally overwhelmed me and made me come. Before I shot out my stuff I singled William that it was time and he jumped next to me to film how I my penis fucked her pussy until I pulled him out and shoot my cum on Vanta’s body. A load of white thick liquid that landed on Vanta’s bum and legs.

As usual I took toilet paper to clean my wife while she couldn’t wait to get the cum of the two men sitting in front of her. The two could’t wait and before I finished cleaning her one of them stood already in front of my wife with his erected penis.

As soon I was done cleaning she put a condom on the man’s dick and sucked him on her knees until he came. She was hunting cum now and as soon our first guest released his juice, she immediately focus on the second guy who was sitting on the couch watching everything while playing with his penis. Within a few seconds my wife was on her knees between his legs, a condom was on his penis and her mouth was moving up and down.She wanted his cum too and he had only little strength to resist her. Soon he was done as well.

Even the entire show took about 45 minutes, the entire movie after cutting only took a bit longer than 10 minutes. We are producing so much porn material that I only want the best scenes end up in my final movie. Hereby the end product usually looks different than a normal porn movie. Especially the male models are different. They are not young and don’t have a great body. They are fat and much older than in professional porn movies.

But our guests seem to like that and our women are always the beauty among many beasts. As we usually only have skinny and sexy women like Vanta working at our bar they appear very well on the movie.  Real amateur beauties with sexy bodies that look just great on camera. For most of the men this is very different. They are indeed the exact opposite and appear old, fat and out of form on camera. However this seems to be the success model to attract our guests.

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