LBFM – What you need to know

“How did the white stuff end up in Panyaporn pussy?”

What is a LBFM?

The term LBFM means Little Brown Fucking Machine and was developed by American GIs during the Vietnam war. As the war brought hundred of thousands of young single men to Asia, the prostitution in South East Asia flourished. Especially when the soldiers were on vacation in Thailand they went crazy fucking Thai women.

The soldiers realised that Thai women could have much more sex then their women at home and that they were not looking for excuses like headaches to avoid sex. The Thai ladies were always available and the nick name LBFM developed.


Are all women in South East Asia LBFM?

No they are not. Don’t be mistaken when you travel to South East Asia and think all those women are LBFM. Most of them are not. But there are a couple of reasons why it is easy to turn a South East Asian woman into a LBFM.


Why should you know LBFMs or develop a woman into one?

Because it is a lot of fun. Look millions of men travel every year to South East Asia to have sex with LBFMs. Do you think they are all stupid? Or that they are all perverts like the mainstream media will tell you. No, they discovered great sex and sex is important to them. So if you are such a man who loves sex as well, you should consider to develop a network of LBFMs.

I met hundreds of men who adore LBFMs and visit Pattaya as often they can. I help them in developing their network in Pattaya and around the world. My mission is connect those men and women all over the world.


Are LBFMs only available in South East Asia

No, you can find them all over the world. Of course the highest density is in South East Asia. But you can find them everywhere. Outside Asia you have to approach students, tourists, traveler or wives that come from South East Asia. You can develop them into your LBFM and share them among other LBFM mongers.

I have many friends who succeeded in developing there own LBFM network in Europe, Japan and the U.S. and turned tourists, students and wives into their LBFM.

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