The Illusion of a Perfect World

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

Men are tiered to be the understanding boss or colleague who sees a female coworker and of course just regards her as a colleague. He might recognise her short skirt, her sexy legs and hot body, but immediately has to look somewhere else as a relationship at the workplace has to be professional.

Which means a hot women is not seen as sex object and has to be only seen by her work performance. The same is true with his wife which was once hot, but now she is a wife and only should be seen as that. Nobody would come and say that his wife is hot, that she is sexual attractive and that he would like to fuck her.

It would be an outrages provocation, a violation against the laws of the society and would be impossible to be said. Maybe a man would try to secretly approach his wife and would make complements. If she should then sleep with him she would be a bitch and if he would found out about it, he might divorce her.

Same would be true for him, if his wife would find out that he stares at the legs of his sectary and tries to look under her skirt. Oh my god, she would attack him. She would make his life miserable until he would have to pay for his sin.

Both man and woman or husband and wife would as well agree that their daughter should not work as striptease dancer, make nude photographies or even porn movies and of course both parents would agree that their daughter should not sell sex, because a good daughter is not doing this.

By the way the same behaviour would be also true for most Asian cultures as well. Which clearly shows that it is not a Western phenomenal. It is the same all over the world. In some parts of the world just places developed that allowed those not so perfect relationships to be made.


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