I like men and money too

“Wasinee likes riding cock”

Men like me and I like men. I like money too. Why they call me Vanta? You know, Fanta is for everyone. My name only has “V” like vagina. Vagina for everyone. So Vanta. My friend gave me name. They make fun as I like every man. Some woman only like young men. Some don’t like old or fat. I like all men. Like milk every man. So I Vanta.

I like sex every time. Even my pussy is red. Then I use mouth and ass. When I have women problem and my pussy red, then I use ass as pussy. Many men like ass. Blow job is O.K. every time. Never stop blow job. My friend make fun and call me SevenEleven. As I am open 24hours, 7days a week. Like supermarket. They say “Where do you buy Vanta? At SevenEleven”. They lough. So I am both, Vanta and SevenEleven.

Sometime too much sex. Then pussy or ass pain. But no problem. I take pill then pain stop. Fat Man not like I take pill. He say too many pill not good. But I take pill, because pain. 1 or 2 day, then pain stop. No need take pill. But pussy and ass working with pill. So no problem. Can make money. Can have fun. Make men happy. Medicine good.

Doctor say no problem. He has good pill. He say too much sex no problem, too. He say I have 3 hole, mouth, pussy, ass. Mouth can not have too much sex. Pussy and ass can have too much sex. Then pain. But with pill no problem. Take pill and rest pussy or ass 1-2 days. Then O.K.. Too much sex – no problem. Yes, doctor also check pussy and ass. He look pussy and ass. Put finger inside and feel. Yes, doctor also fuck me. I am happy doctor like. He horny touch my pussy. Then he fuck, so doctor free.

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