The 3 levels of Mongering

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

Now one could say that those mongers are the victims of there perfect societies they are from.  Even some of those mongers really are, I still think it is the wrong approach. Somehow we are all victims. Victims of our childhood, our parents, our wife or our husband. So I don’t think this victim theory is helping much.

It is not that Western societies are bad, wrong or somehow else negative. I know many western people think this, however it does not explain the development of their men traveling to other continents to fulfil their sexual desires. Western men didn’t do this in the past either. So this is a new phenomenal and it also doesn’t include all of their men.

This is leading us to the third level of mongers. The third level of reason why they come to South East Asia and especially Pattaya. The first level that we discussed was sex, the second level were the sexual phantasies that Western men developed and which they were trying to fulfil in Pattaya, where everything was not perfect at all and were women were open to accept those men as they are and just trade sex with them.

Which is leading us to the third level of reasons why mongers go to Asia. This reason is perfectly represented in Pattaya, with his high number of prostitutes. The third level is adventure. With ten thousands of working women selling sex Pattaya is the perfect place for adventures as the possibilities that could happen here are endless.

Here it is where those men can live an unperfected life, were relationships are just sex. They can simply be men and behave in whatever way they want. It is O.k. to have a weakness for hot sexy women, touch them on their ass or pussy and it is O.k to be a greedy bitch that is fucking every day another men. Because it is just fine to pay everyone who pays her.

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