Tourists bring me to hotel room

“Kanni is a beautiful woman who likes the taste of cock”

Some tourists bring me to their room for bum bum. I do what they want. Some want pussy and some want ass. Most men nice, just want to fuck me. Fuck me on bed, fuck me on chair, fuck me in bath room. They want doggy, missionary and cow girl. That’s normal. I happy do what they want and have good time.

Other men dirty. Want to play dirty game. That is O.K., but need more money. They want piss on me. Yes, when I am naked in shower. They piss on my body and face. Piss smell very bad. But I do to make them happy. Or man want me to be dog.  He want me to walk like dog, with line around my head. Then he tells me what to do like dog. I have to do what man wants. Or he angry. Many dirty men.

Fat man friends also dirty. Not all, but some. They want to make dirty movie with me. Like to do dirty party with me. Use the line on the bed. So I can not move. They drink beer.  If man need pussy he come to me on bed. Then fuck me. I can not move. I just lay on bed. Sometimes penis in me. Sometimes I watch TV. Men just come fuck me. Many men, Maybe 4 or 5. Some men come 2 times. So fuck all evening. But money good. Every fuck make money. So men happy and Vanta rich. I like that.

I suck and fuck all day and night. When I meet man want sex, I will do. I like men, I like sex. In Pattaya many men like sex. I meet men everywhere. Yes, many in apartment. Many men are Fat Man friends. Many men are tourist, want free beer. But men are everywhere. I meet men at pool, in fitness room, at lobby, at breakfast, in front of hotel, on street, in shopping mall, in bar and in discotheque. I bring man to apartment or we go to their hotel. Then sex. Very easy.

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