I filmed how Vanta Seduced our Guests

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

Out of these daily sex shows we organised that every third would be recorded. The shows themselves changed a bit from time to time as we were experimenting, but generally speaking there was no big difference between recorded or not recorded show as everything that worked well sooner or later ended up in our recoded show.

Hereby another formate that became very popular was the combination of sex show and blow jobs. Here the following movie became very popular. Two of our guests wearing masks were  sitting on our couch and watched porn movies. I recorded them how they were served beers by Vanta, how they watched her and how an increased electricity between both men and Vanta developed. Later I only used a view scenes out of the first 30 minutes of recorded material, however I could show how both men got electrolysed by the porn movies they saw, which led to a intensive staring at Vanta, who either brought them drinks, snacks or was just walking around.

Vanta realised the intensive looks of both men, which turned her on. The looks of the two guests electrolysed her as well. There is hardly anything that terns my wife more on, that being adored by desperate men. The looks of the men consumed her beautiful body and Vanta loved this attention.

More and more she turned from the woman who served beer and snacks so that the guests could enjoy the porn movies into the main attraction. The men increasing lost interest in the movie and therefore developed more interest in her, to the point where they only focused on her.

My wife loved to have their full attention and so she naturally ended up sitting between both men on the couch. Nothing of that was planned or discussed before, it just had to be this way as after about half an hour porn movies so much sexual energy developed that we all, our two visitors, my wife, William and I couldn’t think about anything else than sex.


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