Hi my name Vanta

“Please find her picture and video here”

Hi, I am Vanta. Most people know me through my husband Fat Man. He has many friends. They come to our apartment to visit him. Then I do everything to make them horny. Fat Man let me make money with his friends. He has many friends who like lady like me. I just have to be nice to them and then they pay me money. I like that. It is so easy to make money for me.

Men often visit us to watch porn. Then it is very easy for me make money. Just sit next to them and play with them. They give me money quick. I show them my body and let them play pussy. Then I suck them. Some also like to fuck me. This is no problem. Fat Man is O.K. with that. Sometimes he likes to watch me with his friends. Sometimes he likes to make movie.

I like take care his friends. We have a lot of fun. They like me suck their dicks, while they sit on couch and watch movie. My husband has nice friends. I am happy they visit him and let me take care of them. Some of his friends I know very well. They come very often. I know what they want. Some like kissing, some like playing with pussy, some like blow job and some like fuck.

I know what they want. I know how to make happy. I know their penis and how to milk them. If they like, I can also bring girl friend. Then they can have two girls or try another girl. I have very beautiful girlfriends. Together we have lot of fun.

So many friends are coming to visit us now. Also many tourist men. They come since we opened bar. They come to get free beer. I give them beer. Then I give them pussy. Whatever man like to be happy. I am happy to suck them while they watch porn movie. I like to play with them on the couch. I touch their didi and take him into my mouth.

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