Prostitutes are cheaper than wives… unless you change something (2/2)

“Please find her picture and video here”

O.K. so far we have clarified that you shouldn’t mix up sex and relation. Now I would like to go deeper. Once you agree that marriage is not about sex (or free sex), but it is about relationship or family, why don’t you go a few steps further with me. If you separate sex and relationship, you can focus on building up a good relationship with your wife and building up a family with her, but on the other side let both of you have sex with other people.

Of course you can have sex with your wife too, but don’t limit yourself and her to that. Let both of you have fun and what you will find out is that you also save a lot of money. Your wife loves expensive restaurants, hand bags and shoes? Yes, then she is a normal woman. I don’t want to go deeper here, so please just take it as a normal thing for women. You probably can’t understand it and you don’t have to either. As a husband you just have to pay for this expensive stuff.

BUT if you are like most of us, and don’t want to spent your hard earned money for a stupid handbag etc. So let another men pay for it. A man who is hard on your wife and who is willing to spend his hard earned money on a hand bag. Now I hope you are old enough to understand that a man only pays expensive things for a woman if he can have something in return. This is like prostitution, but is socially more acceptable.  So yes your wife will fuck him a couple of times, till he had enough and is losing interest in your wife.

So he will look for a new pussy and your wife will wait for a new sponsor. You could save your hard earned money, your wife has a new handbag and your wife’s pussy had some additional action. That’s a win-win-win situation for all three of you. So yes, if you want to save money, give up the sexual monopoly, marriage is promising. It doesn’t work anyway. Sooner or later both of you will look for other partners anyway.

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