Vanta’s Sex Show while our Friend Masturbated

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

She opened her pussy with her fingers, she turned around and bended over and did everything to stimulate the guy while he was jerking and I was filming.

Then William came into the scene and she sucked him. The couple was still so close in front of our guest that he could touch them. While he jerked his penis with his right hand, his left hand slides over the hair of my wife while William’s penis was inside her mouth. Then he slides down to her breasts and between her legs.

Next William sat down on our couch next to our guest and waited until Vanta climbed on him to ride him. Again our guest followed each move with his eyes while his hand masturbated his penis. The scene ended by Willim fucking Vanta doggy style. Our guest stood up to get a better look on that.

William pulled out his penis to shoot his cum on my wife’s ass and pussy. He knew that was a better finishing when I was recording.  On a movie it always looks great when the viewers can see how the penis is shooting out his juice, compared with a cream pie where the cum is shot into her pussy. As a cream pie can’t be really filmed a cum shot is better for the camera.

Our guest couldn’t hold it anymore. He already started masturbating for an hour before the show started. Marathon masturbators easily can masturbate for 1-2 hours without coming. Our guest was already watching our porn movies for an hour before the show started, and now he couldn’t hold it any longer. He shot his cum on Vanta’s back where it was floating to the small channel that her back bone provided. It was a lot of cum and my wife wanted to collect it, however couldn’t reach it as it was floating on her back.

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