Mongers and Pattaya

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

Thai, Vietnamese, Philippine men also like to buy sex from women. The factor of foreign sex tourism is more important for the overall economy as they spend money on flight tickets, hotels, restaurants etc.

Like a cheese is catching mice, prostitution is attracting thousands of men to spend their vacation in South East Asia. So prostitution plays a role in the economic development of those counties, if you like it or nor. Those men who are coming to Asia for sex are called mongers and their impact is huge. Not only do they support the local economies by spending their vacations here, they created new hotels, bars, massage spas, discotheques, city areas and even one city that was only built by mongers – Pattaya.

The city was just a fishing village a few decades ago, when american GIs who were fighting a war in Vietnam, where the first mongers who arrived in Pattaya. Later the sex tourists took over the development of the city and even later the growing expatriate community, which are called sexpats, contributed further to the prospering development of Pattaya.

Since Vanta moved into my apartment and became my girlfriend I met many of these mongers. This was not a coincident at all, as my girlfriend was actively working as prostitute and kept serving mongers daily. So I met those mongers and talked to them before and after they bought sex from my girlfriend. Some of them I got to know better and some of them even became my friends.

I never had a problem that those men had sex with my girlfriend, we had both agreed on that kind of relationship. Also I had a deep depression when I arrived in Pattaya and sex helped me. Yes also the sex those mongers had with my girlfriend helped as I developed ways to generate sexual energy out of it too. So I could talk with and study hundreds of mongers.

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