Marina Francisco cebupussyflasher

Marina is a sexy and hot Filipina chick. Additionally to those attributes she hates to wear panties. Yes, she simply doesn’t feel comfortable with them. This doesn’t means that she is walking around fully naked, but she doesn’t mind that people have a look at her best piece at all.

Marina even made a business model out if it. She is renting out rooms and so people can visit her and stay at her guest house. They can enjoy her body by looking at it, taking pictures of Marina and masturbate on her beauty. I think that is a great creative service when you can enjoy the natural and naked beauty of your host.

Even she is not allowing to be touched, it is a great way to sell sex and it shows how many ways there are to share erotic moments. No wonder that her guest house is fully booked. It is located on Cebu Islands in the Philippines and it is just 7 km away from the airport. You can rent a room there for 3500 Pesos.

On her Twitter account she is sharing plenty of photos. You can have a look on her pussy and I admit that I love masturbating on her. Marina shows off her pussy not only when she is at home at her guest house, but also when she is shopping.

Even through out her pregnancy she continued to post fleshy pictures. My friends and I simply love women like her. Of course we accept that a woman doesn’t want to sell her body completely. Some women do that and some not. That is O.K.. But it shows how much variety of sex exists and that you have to be sexually intelligent to profit from it.

So when you are in Cebu check out Marina and for those who want to have some contact as well, I am sure you can find some other nice lady there. But getting stimulated by your beautiful host is a nice way to enjoy your stay on Cebu.

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